Call for sessions, facilitators and leaders

We wish to encourage a wide variety of actors to make submissions: commoners, members of rural communities, researchers, representatives of associations or collectives, artists, students, decision makers, professionals from the public and private sectors, etc.


The themes for this Conference are the following:

  1. European rural land commons and ICCAs, what do they have in common? Threats and challenges.
  2. The values that European rural land commons and ICCAs, bring to European policies and objectives.
  3. European rural land commons and ICCAs their role in conservation policy and objectives in Europe.
  4. Identifying existing European rural land commons and ICCAs and restoring enclosed ones.
  5. Potential for private and community governed restoration and OECMs in Europe, with examples from Finland and Sweden. – Led by Finland and Sweden
  6. OECMs on private and community governed lands: the need for two-eyed seeing and narratives.
  7. How can policy better recognise private and community governed OECMs? With examples from Finland and Sweden. – Led by Finland and Sweden
  8. Private European landowners, restoration and OECMs: bringing restoration and conserved areas targets together.

Each of these themes can be modified slightly, but they are designed with a certain narrative in mind. More information on each theme can be found here.

Leading a theme and proposing a presentation

Apart from Themes 5 and 7 there is the possibility for people to take the lead. Please contact us if you may be interested in leading a theme. We are also open to submission of a presentation within each theme.

However, in both cases, bear in mind the following:

  1. This conference is about traditional rural commons, this can include newer commons based on the restoration of older commons systems that had disappeared.
  2. This conference is about bring people from very different backgrounds together. We are therefore looking for submission that take a non-technical stance, look to maximise participation of everyone and create discussions.
  3. If need be, there is the possibility to create separate safe spaces that could allow more open discussion between certain participants.


For actors who are chosen to lead or make a presentation, we may be able to provide some financial support for accommodation and transport under certain conditions.

Please use this form if this could be the case.

Deadline Wednesday 21st July 2024 Contact

Please use the contact form on the main page